is a building maintenance company in Melbourne that uses Rope Access to differentiate itself from the rest.

This allows them to conduct works at height, that would be considered inaccessible on high, mid and low
rise buildings. These works include things like Window Cleaning, Facade Maintenance, and Leak Preventions, etc.

My job at Skyhooks Solutions is to help grow the business and add a creative touch. I take on any creative or marketing needs they may have, like creating and maintaining all social media platforms, webiste design, running ad campaigns, keeping track of analytics, handling marketing products and more.

Skyhooks Solutions...




When I arrived at Skyhooks Solutions, they were in the middle
of re-designing their website. So I quickly mocked a new design,
as I had less than a week to do so. We then got developers to
create it, as close to design as possible. 


Logo design

Skyhooks had opened a new training centre and wanted to design a new

logo to go with. We tried various options for new designs, but in the end,

it was decided that we should stick with the original logo but change a few aspects including the colours and font. While the prime logo is 2 variations 
of blue, I had decided to make the training logo 2 variations of Orange to
add a complementary effect.

Training Logo Black.png
Skyhooks Logo Black.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 10.39.58

Social Media

All platforms were built from scratch as they did not have any presence
before I joined the team. I mostly focused on Instagram and Facebook.

All content was either created/taken by myself or they are pictures the
team in the field have taken while at work. Below are links to each.


Glass panel silhouette

Our team placed glass panels with an abseiler and the logos printed,

so when you enter our office, you will walk up a flight of stairs and immediately see these panels before entering the main office or

training room. I created the silhouette using an image I took of an abseiler, using photoshop.