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What should you Photograph?

So now that you have decided you want to dive into the world of Photography, you might be stuck on the question that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives - What do I take pictures of?

This can be a really simple or really complicated journey, some people pick one thing and they stick with it. Others (like myself) wishes they could be a professional in every category, which can make it difficult to hone in on getting really good at a particular subject. But I will start by saying this, it is really good when you are starting out try everything. Take photos of your friends, sports, landscapes, portraits, products, etc. The best way to learn and get better is just by simply shooting. Practice with setting, lighting, and different environments.

Now if you are sitting here thinking, well that's great and all but you aren't helping me find my niche. Don't worry I have 4 ways in which you can help you pick the right area for you:

  1. Falling into your niche naturally

  2. Choosing your niche based on surroundings and other hobbies

  3. Finding Inspiration from others

  4. Deciding whether this will be a hobby or a career

Falling into your niche naturally:

By taking pictures of everything and really diving into experimentation you may naturally fall into your niche, you'll find yourself photographing or enjoying a particular subject more than the other. From there, carry on with that and if it sticks then you know.

Surroundings and Hobbies:

Maybe you have other hobbies or events in your life that you are passionate about. This could be anything, if you go to concerts or local shows start taking your camera and play with the stage lighting, or if you love fashion start taking pictures of cool outfits on your friends. Maybe you love hiking, travelling and adventuring the outdoors, then you can simply start photographing landscapes or travel photos. You get what I'm saying.

Just really think about what your life is revolved around and what moments you want to capture in it, possibilities are endless.

Finding Inspiration from others:

Go onto your social media or even google and just research photographers, heck even go into a book store or library and have a look at some work in the photography section and see what inspires you. This is probably one of the most incredible ways to make your choice, because there is nothing better than looking at the work of others and get that feeling that you want to be just like them.

Deciding whether this will be a hobby or a job:

Last but not least you may want to decide whether you want this to be a hobby or a career path. Not saying you can't start out as a hobby and turn it into a career later on, but there are definitely some areas that are more possible for success and some areas that are just too saturated.

So if this is something you definitely want to make income from, do some market research first.


The world is your oyster! This is the best time to go out and find yourself, be as adventurous as you want to be! There are many ways to find one pathway, but enjoy this time to photograph everything because once you do get recognised for one style of work and build and audience, it's a bit more difficult to change your path without having to start from the beginning. But if you already know what makes you passionate then go out and shoot the sh*t out of it!

And remember to have fun!!

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