Hello and Welcome!

A short introduction.

Hello Everyone! My name is Stef, or you may call me Steffi. I am a fairly free spirit who was born and raised in South Africa; I then moved to Canada when I was 15; and now living in Australia to chase a life of rock climbing, surfing, photography and warm weather. I have a lovely partner, Jay, and the worlds cutest dog (bias opinion), her name is Leeloo. Both Jay and Leeloo will most likely be featured on a few posts, as they make great subjects and Jay happens to take great pictures of me doing cool things! There is quite lot to know about me, which you can find out by either creeping on my social media, reading my blogs or saying hi and being my friend :)

First things first!

One thing you should know about me... I love to write (hence the blog), but my grammar and punctuation is horrible. Yes, I use Grammarly, and yes I will get Jay to edit as many posts as I can, but sometimes I just want to write a blog and send it off so people can know the REAL me, bad grammar and all!

Next thing, what I want my blog to be...

This is a space where I get to share my experiences with you, I am putting my brain into words and I want this to be for you as much as it is for me. I will talk about travel, moving too new places, finding jobs, food, and really anything that I think my readers can benefit from.

Professionals will say, "but Stef, to have a successful blog you need to stick to one topic only, and you need to have a structure with every blog you write etc."

This is a passion project, I'm not trying to get rich and famous. I will write from the heart and see where that takes me.

What I don't want my blog to be...


Please just tell me if my blog sucks. Actually go beyond that, tell me why! This way I can improve and grow into something that people will enjoy being a part of.

See you soon!

To end this short but necessary introduction, I will say thank you for reading and please enjoy the cheesy face shot I have provided, as I want you to know the face behind the words.

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