Sugar Water Cocktails

Sugar Water Cocktails and Bar Von Der Fels did a really cool collaboration event called Von Der Street, below are some of the creatives I made to promote it.


Here is a quick Instagram post I threw together for Sugar Water for the pride week Bloc Party!

Adrian Frutiger and Univers

After writing an essay on Adrian Frutiger and one of his most desired typefaces. I designed a booklet that would reflect the personality
Univers to flow with the essay in a fruitful and creative way.

Cover Page

Contents, p.1

Ch.1, p.2-3

Ch.2, p.4-5


Ch.3, p.8-9

Ch.4, p.12-13


Ch.5, p.14-15

p.16-17, Works Cited


Circus Baba Poster

This Project was about creating a poster for a circus. The theme was  Dark Cabaret and optical illusion, using typography as the fundamental characteristic of the poster. The most difficult part was definitely trying to figure out what colour works best together as an optical illusion.