For this project I had to explore the fundamentals of branding through research, evaluation, decision making, creating a strategy brief and making careful approaches on taking a product/brand that exists and pretending that it went out of business; we as designers are trying to re create the same concept and idea of that product but with a different brand design

approach so it sells better. 

The particular product that I chose was Shoe Goo, as I know it is a

product that comes in very handy but their marketing and product design

is not at the potential that it could be. I wanted to focus on the relationship between people and their shoe's.

Brand Story

While cleaning out my closet one day I came across a pair of shoes that made me stop for a brief second. As I held them in my hands my mind wonders through memories of my past where I was wearing these shoes. A smile smears across my face, then I asked myself why I stopped wearing these shoes’. I remembered that some seams just weren’t hanging in so well.

Shoes are not just an item on our feet that we need to walk, they are much greater than that; what’s between you and your shoes is a relationship. A bond that is formed through time and memories, they are that friend that is with you when you leave your house, when you go to work or to school, when you have a good day and when you have a bad day.  Even after the longest day they still come home with you and when you take them off they wait as long as it takes till they are needed again.

A solution needed to be made for those shoe’s that are seeming a little tiresome and maybe not holding up so well; almost like they have a cold and need some love and comfort to help them recover.

With that I created Füz.

Füz is for the people who want to be there for their shoes as much as their shoes are for them. I wanted to concoct a cold medication for the shoe, like soup is for the soul. It’s a product for those who want to keep the friendship and memories growing.

Package Design


Promotional Video