Fat Phuoc

A friend of mine is a Chef in Hong Kong and he asked if I could make a logo for his 

pop-up food truck business making
exotic sandwiches.

Phuoc in Vietnam means 'blessing' - Fat Blessings. So he wanted the logo to be

weird and a bit edgy.

With a busy schedule and the Hong Kong lifestyle he hasn't managed to make it a reality. But I'm still really happy that I got a
fun creative side project to challenge me!

The Pink


The Pink Painter is a female owned company who donates profits to the breast cancer foundation. This client asked if I could do this logo design because they wanted someone who would understand and listen to the emotional aspects of their brand and create something from that. Needless to say they

were very happy with the outcome.

The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary South Africa is a place for amazing experiences.

Though their logo definitely needs some work, so as a personal project I decided to change it up!


Sugar Water Cocktails

Sugar Water is a pop up cocktail bar and Von Der Street was a collaboration between an incredible restaurant/wine bar called Bar Von Der Fels and Sugar Water. Here are the promotional creatives I made.

Social Media

Surf Magazine

This was a school project where we had to design magazine spreads. I looked at David Carson for Inspiration, I appreciated his take on design and I wanted to push my design boundaries. I ended up being extremely happy about the end result.

Flat Images


A creation inspired by modern typography,

one of my favourite projects in school!