Hi, I'm Stef!

So lovely running

into you here!

This is a little
blurb about me:

I'm no Geologist, but I still manage to lick rocks in my free time. 
Except not lab rocks but real, outdoor, mountain rocks. When I am not showing my affection to rocks I am generally filling my time with other active pursuits and endeavours! In doing so, I get to meet people and make new connections along the way. Which is awesome!


Though I fill my time with things that excite me, it's important to know
that I work hard as well. I believe in the theory "Work hard, play hard", especially when work is doing something that I love. I am motivated by new challenges and projects that push my creative boundaries and get
my brain juices flowing!

Starting my career in motion graphics and film, I ended up moving towards more print and logo design. I have definitely learnt a lot about what I like or dislike and where I want to find myself in my career. I would love to move towards being Art Director and one day Creative Director. With a degree in Advertising, nothing excites me more than a really well thought out advertisement or marketing approach. I believe I can bring great value to the creative market by bringing something different to the table or challenging ideas. I have a lot of drive and I like to make things happen, sometimes I even get a little to passionate or ambitious.

Please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

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