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My name is Stef, I graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design, or now known as Alberta University of the Arts. I have a degree in Creative Advertising, but I am currently working in a creative digital marketing and social media role. Typography, print and illustration is what I dreamed my career would be, however, we live in a very digital world and sometimes we just need to adapt. On another note, you may notice my portfolio is quite photography heavy. That’s my creative outlet outside of work. I am someone who loves adventure - my mom always told me it’s bad to think too much - So I don’t, instead I’m always doing something with my time to keep my mind busy. It’s rare to find me in the city on the weekends, I’m either out climbing, surfing, snowboarding, taking photos of wildlife or whatever the adventure may be. But as much as I look forward to my weekends, I love having a job that makes me look forward to Monday’s just as much. Which is why this industry is awesome. I’m always open to new opportunities, I keep doors open at all times, cause if we don’t, how are we supposed to grow?

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